Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Local three 10 months later

A group from our studio gathered at Local three early in the morning with coffees in hand. 
Now that the restaurant has been open for ten months and preparing for their first anniversary, we thought is was time to measure our success with Chefs Chris Hall and Todd Mussman .

We believe in the ai3 process and our ability to create a strategy that produces results. 
Strategy + Results
We can always make ourselves and our designs betters, so we took 2 hours to learn from our client.
        Would you change anything about our process?
        How was the design execution?
        What solutions are working and which ones have you had to tweak?

A great opening comment from Chef Chris,  "We have exceeded our revenue goals in our first year."
ai3 Process:
1. Vision Session
"The Vision Session is the most important thing we did with ai3.  It is probably, emotionally as a tool, the most important thing ai3 does."  -  Chris Hall
      #1 EMOTIONAL- With the Vision Book, they finally had a tangible thing to show what they've spent
           so much time thinking about.
      #2 TOOL to RAISE MONEY- Since the ai3 Vision Book includes floor plans & important concept
           elements, they felt comfortable handing it to someone and simply stating, "This is what we're all
2. Construction Administration
Chris needed to know that ai3 was protecting the design we agreed upon and to use ai3 to help him with things he didn't understand.  The space was a living, breathing, changing thing and he needed ai3 to be nimble.  He felt money invested in Visioning and CA was money well spent.

1. Local 3 is hard to find and they like it that way.  Guests are transported to another place once they are past the door.
2. The Front Hallway "speaks to us." It is unapologetic about who they are, and they love it.
3. The Art Wall was a great decision.  Everyone loves to hear the story about Chris, Todd, and Ryan.
4. The Dining Room carries a GREAT energy; Just loud enough, busy & vibrant.
5. The Semi-Private Dining Room is their most successful space because it is so connected to the Dining Room.  It is their biggest money-maker and provides enough privacy for a business meeting or personal celebration.  Doors allow guests to be private or to crack and be a part of the dining room.
6. Flexibility has been key.  The banquette that can acoomodate 2-tops or up to a party of 10.
7. Extended bartop in the bar area with seating on both sides is a huge success.

1.  They cut the communal table in half for more flexibility.
2.  Additional acoustical panels were added to the ceiling (originally cut from the design).
3.  They replaced all of the backless counter stools for a more comfortable dining experience.
4. Always, always put more shelving than you think you'll need.
5. Add chair rails anywhere you think you'll often rearrange tables pushed against walls.
6. Where do you put banquette pillows when not in use?
7.  2-top tables could be larger to accommodate the many plates/glasses.

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