Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reclaimed, Distressed... Melted?

I've seen this episode before, Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations in Spain.  I watched it again last night on Netflix.  Being part of a chef's vision at ai3 has enlightened all of us to a chef's artistry, passion, and creative use of "materials." But watching Enric Rovira's process of creating chocolate eggs quite simply took my breath away. Barcelona's master chocolatier, Enric is inspired by the architecture of Gaudi and the beauty of his town. 

Of all the things we do to our materials to create art with them, to make them appear to bend effortlessly or to look aged while being new.  Enric was sculpting his work by the sun, waiting until just the right moment, of the first sign of tearing, to grab the formerly perfect egg from the outdoor table to rush it inside to cool and finish his sculpture. Can't say I'd ever want to eat such beauty, but then again....