Friday, March 11, 2011

Velocita: The finish line for the MODA exhibit

450 pounds of metal tree stands showed up today, ready to be painted for MODA's Passione Italiana show opening March 19th.  The smell of paint just wafted up to the front of the studio, and someone asked, "Who is painting their finger nails?" 

Joe's been working his night/weekend job to pull together the finishing touches for the "Design of the Italian Motorcyle" show he is curating for MODA. Both Joe and Dave have had writers block and printer anxiety as they finish up the visuals.  I heard they will have 4 Racing Leathers from some very well known champions (likened to having the dress of an Oscar award-winning actress in layman, or laywoman, terms).

The motorcyles get here Tuesday.  Everyone's hoping for a field trip!!!

Social Impact, Not Social Networking

The surprising conclusion of HD Summit was not about trends or Social Networking, but about Social Impact. 

Inspired by the genius professor from my alma mater, Sambo Mockbee, Emily Pilloton has taken a different route with Project H and Studio H.  As high school educators, they are using design to make a difference in impoverished counties; teaching students to create for their OWN community.  Their "Shop Class" cleverly integrates multiple disciplines into learning and challenges students' thinking through hands-on playful activities.  This approach sounds similar to the principles of 21st Century Learning, something I've learned a lot about while exploring schools for our 4-year old.  How wonderful that the same principles can be inspire all levels of education.
Check out their extraordinary work

Monday, March 7, 2011

Surfing at HD Summit

HD Summit, produced by Hospitality Design magazine for over a decade, was held last week outside of Los Angeles, California.  The Summit gathers manufacturers, owners, operators, purchasing agents, designers and architects for a series of lectures and networking events.  This was ai3’s first attendance, at the invitation of our good friends at Loewenstein/OFS Brands, and we appreciated the look outside of the hospitality industry for ideas and inspiration.

What message did I leave with?
The path to innovation and understanding our future is:
                Limited by Our Fear of Failure
                Affected by Our Ability to Make Time to Think the Unthinkable

What do I want to do now, before it’s too late?
                Be driven by My Emotions, NOT Rational Decisions.
Have a Heart-Storm, not a Brainstorm.
                Cultivate Surprise & Learn to Embrace It.
                Meet New People Nothing Like Me; Increase my Knowledge and thus, my Innovative Thinking
                Be in a Relaxed State of Thinking
                Act as my Child; Taking a chance because I don’t Know There is a Wrong Answer

Hilary Austen, co-author, Artistry Unleashed: A Guide to Pursuing Great Performances in Work and Life, asked an important question:
Aren’t our clients’ emotional responses important to our success?
We are marketing an Experience, not a Product.  If we create something that connects, that is irresistible to a specific group, it will move faster than anything else.

Tom Savigar of The Future Laboratory simply summarized:
Be Crowd-Driven:  Orchestrate new chaotic networks; Don’t be a sole Inventor.
Be Clean: Pick what you can make a difference with.
Be a Dreamer:  Break down the Rules; Engage in Storytelling.

My selected "Networking Event" was Surfing Lessons with Doug Shapiro of OFS Brands.  I hope this was my first step to following some of these principles!!!