Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7 Billion of Us Living Together

As we make decisions and develop designs for a city's growth, infrastructure, transportation, education etc. we will continue to be challenged by how our needs and desires affect density. A positive view about the urban condition can expand our resources and enrich our live.


  1. Very interesting! In my planning theory class last week, we learned that if the zoning ordinances were implemented to its highest extent then all of Manhattan could fit into Midtown. Not necessarily the most desirable thing, but interesting nonetheless!

  2. A big reason we are struggling with rising infrastructure costs and failing systems is the need to maintain an ever increasing urban area. It is such a major issue and our decision 60+ years ago to not control development has resulted in traffic problems, sub-par public education, skeleton police and fire services, and so on. It is fixable, but will require a change of mindset....which has proven to be the most difficult issue!