Monday, December 5, 2011

Okay - we all know that simple product solutions help to make our world less stressful by providing clear resolution to overly complex problems. So why the hell are they so difficult to realize? Simple should not be mistaken as minimal; simple addresses the core issue at hand, identified through a depth of understanding and eliminating the extraneous distractions.

A few years ago, Help emerged as a drug company with a razor sharp focus on providing a simple, intuitive user experience when it came to our basic needs.

"Each help® product is named after the specific symptom it can help. This seemed like a logical way to name things. But it is not the way ordinary drugs are named. An ordinary drug company likes to make up fantastical words."

Help believes only by developing a deep understanding of the user experience could intuitive solutions be realized. The end product appears simple, but their understanding and commitment to mapping complex data allowed designers to create compelling solutions that break through all the noise.

The infographic illustrations data about our choices at a drug store to address a headache:

Helps's solution:

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