Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Food Trucks & Modern Design


Most of the studio took a break last week to enjoy The High's temporary summer exhibit, "Modern by Design." On loan from NYC's MOMA, it features 150 works focusing on three design periods: 1934 “Machine Art,” the "Good Design” series between 1950 and 1955, and 1972 “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape.” I found beauty in the simplest objects, thankful I was being forced to recognize a rake, typewriter or vegetable peeler for its good design. It was difficult not to judge each object on whether I considered it timeless?

As luck would have it, we chose a day when the Food Trucks were hanging at the Woodruff Arts Center drop-off.  A trip we've all been wanting to make, we tried everything from arepas, BBQ, tacos, veggie wraps, tamales, and then hit the ice cream truck for dessert.


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