Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Congratulations Kerry Wittwer, ai3 Principal!

Last month we announced 1 new Principal to ai3: Kerry Wittwer. 

Kerry joined ai3's studio a few months before I left for maternity leave, 9 years ago. We'd all remained friends since our previous firm-life and believed she'd be the perfect addition to our growing studio.

She has been a tremendous mentor to our staff and a trusted leader to our clients. Her personality and free spirit have been a HUGE part of our culture, and while we miss her daily since she decided to work out of Nashville, we don't want to live without her! How could we? She's the only one to take on ANY dare!!!

Let me share the uber fun that is Kerry Wittwer....

Kerry Wittwer
Principal, ai3

Kerry and her husband Clay pose for ai3's Holiday calendar - inspired by "Juno"

Kerry at ai3's annual Chili Cook-Off. Has she won yet with her Tennessee chili?

Jason Carney, Kerry and Clay polishing off some chili
Bowling for Charity with the ai3 team

Running first 1/2 marathon with Ann-Marie Lima in Nashville

Kerry actually DOES get a lot of work done...

Kerry's dedicated mentees: Jillian Rooker & Elisa Gangone

Wouldn't you love to have these 2 as your studio Principals?

I have no idea.
Yes, our tom-boy had two beautiful girls: Clara and Lilian
Our very own, Kerry Wittwer, Principal at ai3, Inc.

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