Thursday, March 3, 2016

1 Fish, 2 Fish, 3 Fish, GIANT FISH - Dragonfly

Nestled in the suburbs of Miami, Dragonfly is an authentic Japanese Izakaya and Fish Market concept. Hiro Leung, our friend and client introduced in a previous blog post, initially approached ai3 with a dynamic vision for his restaurant to exude "artful flavor." Steeped in deep heritage, the authentic nuances of Japanese fishing culture inspired our design. From the bustling market stalls of the Tsukiji Fish Market to the traditional tools, clothing, and boats, we cultivated our design out of the intricate details of life on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. 

Suspended in the central focal point of the restaurant hangs a giant fish head composed of hundreds of steel hooks. From a mere discussion, to a sketch, to reality, the process and collaboration between ai3 and artists, Stephen Evans and Mark Wentz, brought a distinct "artful flavor" to Dragonfly's design.

Initial sketch of Fish Head

A small scale, 3-dimensional model from Mark and Stephen
Hey little fishy! 

The fish head arrived in two parts in order to travel from 
Atlanta to Doral, Florida. 

Hundreds of whimsical-looking fish hooks were cut from sheet steel and distressed to give a patina of rustic warmth. 

Artist Mark Wentz climbs onto his "Fish Head Jungle Gym" in order to weld the two parts of the fish head together on site. 

How many guys does it take to hang a giant, steel fish? 
Very impressed that the scissor lift fit PERFECTLY within the fish... 

Finally, after a few hours, the fish head was installed and every hook was thoughtfully hung. Now, all that is left is to hang a light fixture in the middle of the fish to create a chandelier effect. 

Other ai3 creations of "Arftful Flavor," soon to be introduced to the Dragonfly space:

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