Thursday, March 5, 2015

ECHO restaurant - One Year Later at The King and Prince, St. Simons Island

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Micajah Sturdivant and MMI Hotel Group!

In the year since ECHO restaurant opened in The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island, GA, the design and experience seem to be accomplishing many of the goals our team set out to achieve.
  • Tell a Story unique to the history of The King and Prince.
  • Showcase the only Beachfront Dining view in St. Simons
  • Offer a Destination for both Locals and Guests
  • Create a Southern Coastal Experience 

In the "BEST OF" Awards from Elegant Island Living of St. Simons Island, ECHO was honored in (3) coveted categories, and most importantly, these were voted on by LOCALS and visitors. 

Best New Thing about St. Simons Island - ECHO Restaurant
Best New Restaurant - ECHO 
Best View from a Restaurant - King and Prince Beach & Gold Resort 

I must confess, I am the most excited to be part of this renovation, as my grandparents, parents, uncle, great aunts & uncles, all have memories of dances and dinners at The King & Prince.  One of my parents 1st dates was there.  To think that my career has the ability to create memories for a whole new generation, is a powerful reminder of why I love what we do.  
Thank you, Micajah, for believing in us.

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