Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stem Wine Bar & Common Quarter: Final touches before opening

We installed furniture yesterday in Chef Doug Turbush's new endeavor, Stem Wine Bar. Located next door to Seed Kitchen & Bar, the design concept is very different from Seed with it's rich, dark wood finishes and upholsteries.  But with Seed's smashing success, we think the neighbors will embrace this cozy wine bar for a slightly different dining experience as well as it's before & after dinner appeal.

We're setting the LED lights tonight (the green @ the glass racks)
Once all the wine glasses are hung, the back-lighting will create a large chandelier for the space
Just down the road in the Woodlawn Shopping Center, the team of Chef Chris Hall, Ryan Turner, Chef Todd Mussman, and Chris Talley will be opening Common Quarter. We see from Talley's Facebook page that Tuesday, October 8th is the official date.
Inspired by the southern coast and the familiar drives we all take through the southern farm lands, the design has many unique touches.

Lobster cage inspired bar shelving
Installed shelving with shutter canopy over the bar

The new bar top is a Bianco Ondulare stone whose veining reminds us of the mineral deposits in the sand when the water recedes on the Georgia coast. 

The private dining room is enclosed by board and batten ceiling and walls with an abstracted charcoal & white, gingham patterned curtain.  The featured artwork above the banquette is a nautical chart of the St. Simon's Island and Tybee Island areas, where Co-Owner Chris Talley grew up.

PDR privacy curtain  
Nautical Chart of St. Simon's Island and Tybee Island

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  1. Looking great in final touches how it would be in real... I wish to see your bar and want to enjoy the night their with friends