Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finding Design Inspiration, wherever we are

Walking on the beach this morning, I noticed the dark mineral deposits streaking through the sand. The soft waves kept coasting across the marble-like veins, and it brought a smile to my face. I knew this was our team's inspiration for the bar top at Common Quarter.  That gorgeous stone top is one of the biggest design statements in their renovation and was inspired by Local Three's 4th partner, Chris Talley, who grew up on the beaches of St. Simon's Island.

The patterns of the mineral deposits had me thinking of the many sources of inspiration we have in design and especially patterning. Having been an Interior Designer for almost 20 years, I've heard many, many stories from sales reps of the exotic travels of textile designers and how their travels inspired their latest collection of patterns.

But here I am again on the Florida panhandle, enjoying the beach where we've always vacationed with my son, and I'm admiring all the subtle beach textures.  Not particularly exotic, but it was worth snapping a few shots. You never know when it will inspire something new....

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