Friday, December 14, 2012

Gunshow- ai3 & Kevin Gillespie... Here we go!

It's official.  We got a permit from the city and are ready to begin construction on Gunshow with Chef Kevin Gillespie. Whew.

Unlike anything ai3's done before, we are in a creative partnership with Kevin, challenging our process as much as he is challenging his.

Here is a video of the first of many Vision Sessions we will be having with Kevin, Blake Morley, and the rest of his team.  Typical to all of our kick-off meetings, we gathered in our studio to discuss our goals, measures of success, what the buzz will be, program needs, aesthetic preferences, what staff will wear....

Challenge: How do you design a space for a new restaurant model?  Check out the first of our Vision Sessions. 

Our space, as captured by Blake on Day One. 

Lucky for me, this is 2 blocks from my house, so I will publish our progress, along with Kevin.

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  1. Extremely excited about this restaurant and I wanted to thank you in advance for all future Vision Sessions and updates. I'm a cook from Durham, NC planning on relocating to Atlanta just to try and get a spot on the team because I feel a strong connection with Chef Kevin, his upbringing, his path to food and cooking, and more importantly his food aesthetic. Every cook should train under a great chef and I look forward to trying out and learning as much as I can from him. Thanks again guys and break an egg!