Friday, October 7, 2011

It takes 197 cheese balls to win....

Erin Maas won an enormous container of cheese balls by incorrectly guessing the number of balls in the jar. (It was an "opposite party," to her dismay... she hates cheese balls).

What to do with a HUGE amount of cheese balls?
For Dave Heimbuch, logically, you challenge the studio to a Cheese-Ball-Eating Contest. Never the one to turn down a challenge, Kerry was the first to sign up and Ethan the second.
Ethan ate the fabulous orange dust for only 5 minutes.  He claimed he was full, but Heather said he went back to his desk and ate a bagel.

With Kerry and Dave left to the challenge, the puff-popping continued for about a half hour. 
For personal motivation, "Eye of the Tiger" kept Kerry in the challenge for the last few minutes.
But in the end, the challenger was indeed the winner.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Dave for eating 197 cheese puffs.
Since I wasn't there, I asked what the prize was? 
.... Anything's worth a good laugh around here.

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  1. we had a giant tub o' cheese balls at archimania, but we never thought to do this. how disgustingly awesome.