Thursday, February 9, 2017

Congratulations Kellen Minor, our newest Principal at ai3

Ahhhh, our dear Kellen - Special K.
A ridiculous perfectionist. An artist. A watercolorist. Beloved Snack-Provider. His gentleness and creative passion have found a home at ai3.  We love him for how much he loves his wife, Krystle, and his son, Rowan, and we won't forget his dog Roma, so named for his honeymoon destination in Italy.

To be a Principal, one must embrace all that we stand for at ai3.  Kellen's honesty, curiosity, accountability, and fearlessness to do his best for ai3 and his clients makes him a true asset to our studio.  Joining us in 2013, Kellen has led and inspired our studio to produce some of our best work.   

Congratulations to Kellen for earning this new title.  
We look forward to your future creations with the team here at ai3!

Fish Head Mock-Up for Dragonfly Miami; Actually 10' tall

I don't know what to say...
The beautiful family-  Krystle & Rowan
Serious about costumes- Office inside joke (dish detergent in dishwasher)

And, serious about Halloween home decor

Jason, Amy, Kerry, & Kellen at Cooking Class

Blame McLean if you're ever frustrated.  He brought you here ;)

There's Roma!

Kellen was a big part of the award-winning design for Cooks & Soldiers

Rowan and Kellen

Yep, you're stuck with us!
The Alps- Kellen's inspiration for a BrewPub design, sigh....

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