Thursday, October 23, 2014

ai3 working with team behind Flatiron Building's renovation in Atlanta

The Atlanta Business Chronicle announced yesterday that private equity firm Lucror Resources has purchased the Flatiron Building.
ai3's studio is extremely excited to be part of the team bringing this historic building back to life as a start-up hub for businesses.  During our early investigations, we came across these archive photos of the building and learned some pretty cool facts.

Our Owner FINALLY removing the For Sale sign from the Flatiron Building!

Designed by architect Bradford Gilbert, the 11-story Flatiron building was completed in 1897 and is Atlanta's oldest standing skyscraper.  So cool!  (The Equitable Building that was demolished in 1971 was Atlanta's first skyscraper, built in 1892)
Atlanta's Flatiron Building predates NYC's more famous, of the same name

Architect Bradford Gilbert designed the "skeleton" steel structure to support the floor loads and the exterior wall assembly-
Amazing accomplishment in 1897

The Atlanta Flatiron predates the more famous New York City Flatiron Building by 5 years.  While they share the same name, the Atlanta building adopted the popular Flatiron name in 1916. In 1976, the Flatiron Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and while it has changed its name many times throughout the years, in 1980 the name was changed back to the Flatiron Building.

Check out the advertisement for new tenants- January 1st 1898!!

Nerdy Fact:  TV and movie filming is now common place in Atlanta, but back in the day, the Flatiron was home to Matlock's law offices on the popular TV show, "Matlock." (Actor also known as Andy Griffith, Dave.)

When the project is complete, the redevelopment will promote entrepreneurship in downtown Atlanta by creating a collaborative and vibrant environment with workspaces, meeting rooms, and other unique amenities.

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