Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Congratulations to ai3's new Principals!

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since we founded ai3. There are amazing clients that helped us get here, but there are also many leaders within ai3 that have contributed to our tremendous success. 

Last week we announced 3 new Principals to ai3: Dave Heimbuch, Ann-Marie Lima, and Amy Price.  These 3 will help us mentor the studio and shape the next chapter of ai3.  If you don't know them, let me share a few things...

Dave Heimbuch
Principal, ai3
Best Partner Holiday Gift: ai3 deck of playing cards. Dave was the Ace.
Ann-Marie Lima
Principal, ai3

Amy Price
Principal, ai3

Amy hosting ai3's Chili Cook-Off
And, Amy WINNING ai3's Chili Cook-Off
Amy: "I never thought in college that one day I'd commission a velvet painting of 'The Dude.'"
Cheese Ball Eating Contest- Dave won. Kerry said her mouth was too small. Right.
This was my favorite Partner Holiday Card. ai3 Mug Shots.
The truck is finally put to rest. Jason gets Ann-Marie a sports car.
New Order was playing on the stereo. Dave used to wear his hair like this in high school.
Surprise! Poster of Ann-Marie's ripped back in her wedding dress.  Whoa.
40th birthday- "Manuary Mustache" in final phases of being shaved off
80's era hair do's from Dave and Ann-Marie

And their better-halves, also part of our ai3 family...
Jason and Ann-Marie
Dave, Zoe, and Vanessa.... oh, and Patrick in the back
Amy and Brent
Ryder Price (left) with Quint Johnson

Baby girl Price should be born any minute now....

Thank you Dave, Ann-Marie and Amy!  
Here's to the next 10 years of ai3!

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