Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gunshow Last Night- ai3 @ Chef's Table with Kevin Gillespie

Today Gunshow is officially one week old. Chef Kevin & Boss Blake invited our ai3 team to enjoy the Chef's Table last night. 

After toasting to Gunshow's opening and gathering our party , Kevin hollered, "Is everyone here now? Then strap on your diaper because Here. We. Go."  
Plate after plate was brought to our table, each thoughtfully conceived, beautifully plated, and displaying the creative strengths of Chef Kevin Gillespie and his 2 sous chefs from the Woodfire Grill days: Joseph Ward and Andreas Muller. 

We believe Kevin is on his way to achieving his vision, and the culture of the restaurant feels like Kevin & his best friends are livin' the dream. The design of the space is honest and simple and will definitely challenge Guests to consider what is important in a dining environment.  At times, we felt we could enjoy the food even more because the experience is about the kitchen and focused on what's coming out of it. We appreciated the simplicity: no bar, no elaborate cocktail menu, just great food being served by great people, and menu descriptions such as "Andreas made something out of chocolate."

Guests seemed to REALLY enjoy engaging with the chefs, having them come out in the "dining room" and serving their food with a careful chef's description.

Kevin shared that is was the most fun he's ever had in the kitchen, but he is completely exhausted at the end of each day. Hopefully it will get easier with time and the flexibility of the space will allow adjustments to be made.

Ethan thought, honestly, it was one of the best meal's of his life.  
It was, and the most FUN!  Thank you Kevin & Blake for a project and a dinner we'll always remember!

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